Budget App

Download apk file :  here

Description :

Budget will help you to track your expenses, incomes, balance, member. Not only the home budget, also you can track your trip expense and balance. You can export your budget tracking details into excel sheet.

Requirements :

  • You must need sdcard for this app.

 Key Features :

  • Create an Account based on Monthly or Undefined.
  • Edit/delete the account.Or go the Budget screen to create budget for the month.
  • In Budget, you can create Categories and Subcategories for each month.
  • Once if you create the budget,you can copy the budget for the next month.
  • Add Members for particular account.
  • Add Income.
  • Add daily Expense.
  • See all Expense details month wise.
  • See all Statistics month wise.
  • Export your budget tracking details into Excel sheet(.Xls).
  • Edit/delete – Options in Member, Income, Categories, Expense.
  • you can create unlimited number of accounts
  • No registration.
  • No need to fill too many data’s.
  • Easy Access.
  • No internet connection is required.

App Details :

  • Size – 2.2MB
  • Current App Version – 1.0
  • Required Android – 2.1 and up to
  • Supported Device Resolution – (240×400), (480×800), (720×1280), (320×480)
  • Updated – April 1, 2014.

Screen Shots :

Mainscreen      accscreen      budgetscreen      statistiscscreen



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